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Advanced cancer

Advanced stomach cancer means that a cancer that began in the stomach has spread to at least one other part of the body, such as the liver or lungs. Advanced cancer can’t be cured. But treatment can control it, relieve the symptoms, and give you a good quality of life for a while.


About advanced cancer

Find out about advanced stomach cancer and how it might affect you.

Symptoms of advanced cancer

Find out about the symptoms of advanced stomach cancer.

Tests to stage

These tests find out the position of the cancer, how big it is and whether it has spread. This tells you the stage of your stomach cancer.

Treatment for advanced cancer

Find out how treatments aim to control symptoms when stomach cancer is advanced.

Coping with advanced cancer

Get support to cope with emotional, practical and physical issues when you have advanced stomach cancer.

Support at home

You might need some care and support at home due to stomach cancer or its treatment. A lot of practical and emotional support is available to you. 

Last reviewed: 
05 Jul 2016

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