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The stage tells you how big your cancer is and whether it has spread. Doctors use the ‘T’ part of the TNM system to stage cancer of the larynx. They call this the T stage. 

TNM stages

Find out about tumour, node and metastasis (TNM) staging and treatment.

Tis (Tumour in situ)

Tis means carcinoma in situ. Read more about what Tis means, and the treatment options. 

T stage 1 - 2

T stage 1 and T stage 2  are also called early stage laryngeal cancer.  Find out what these stages mean, and about treatment options.

T stage 3

T stage 3 cancer of the larynx is also called locally advanced cancer. Find out what it means and about treatment options.

T stage 4

Find out what T stage 4 laryngeal cancer means and about treatment options.

Last reviewed: 
18 Jun 2018

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