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Changes in your sex life

Find out about how eye cancer could affect the way you feel about your sex life and relationships.

How eye cancer can affect you

Changes in your appearance and sight may make you feel less confident about sex. If you have surgery to remove an eye and have an artificial eye you may worry about how this looks to your partner.

Although other people may not notice you have an artificial eye, you know that you have. This can take time to come to terms with. If surgery has affected other parts of your face and you are not happy with how you look, you may be able to have further surgery to help correct this.

What you can do

Talk to your surgeon or specialist nurse about any worries you have about your appearance.

If you are able to talk to your partner about your worries, you will both gradually get used to your new situation and things will feel less awkward. A caring and loving partner can help to ease your concerns, so it is important to include them and try talking to them about how you feel.

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07 Dec 2018
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