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Travel tips

Plan a safe and pleasant journey with these travel tips for people who have cancer, are having treatment, or are recovering from treatment.

Always check with your doctor that you are fit to travel before you book your holiday.

Planning ahead

It can take some time to arrange everything you might need when travelling, so it is important to plan ahead.

Between 6 to 8 weeks before travelling

  • Get travel insurance.
  • Get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if you’re travelling in Europe.
  • Ask your doctor which travel vaccinations you may need.

Between 3 to 6 weeks before travelling

  • Sort out any necessary equipment, such as oxygen.
  • Sort out any travel needs. For example, book help getting on and off trains, or request early boarding on flights.
  • Check any restrictions on the drugs you can take in or out of the country you’re visiting.
  • Check whether you need a licence to take strong painkillers abroad.

3 weeks before travelling

  • Make sure you have enough of your medicines to last the holiday, plus a few days extra.
  • Get a doctor’s letter with details of your cancer, your treatment, and a list of your medicines.

When travelling

  • Take your passport and any other proof of identity that you need.
  • Take your travel insurance policy.
  • Carry your controlled medicines such as opiate painkillers in your hand luggage.
  • Take insect repellent and a basic first aid kit.
  • Protect yourself from the sun.

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