About ulcerating cancers (fungating tumours)

Ulcerating tumours are also known as fungating wounds, malignant wounds or ulcerating wounds.

Symptoms of ulcerating tumours

It can be distressing to read about the symptoms of ulcerating tumours. But the sooner your doctor can diagnose an ulcerating tumour, the sooner you can get support.

Looking after ulcerating tumours

Specialist support is available to help you manage the symptoms of an ulcerating (fungating) wound. 

Treatment for ulcerating tumours

Your treatment for an ulcerating cancer depends on your type of cancer and any treatments you have had.

Living with an ulcerating tumour

Having an ulcerating tumour can affect you emotionally as well as physically. It can help to know about these effects and how to deal with them.

Resources and support

There are lots of organisations, support groups and helpful books to help you cope with an ulcerating tumour.

Last reviewed: 
09 Dec 2019
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