Treatment for breathlessness

The type of treatment you need depends on the cause of your breathlessness. This is a guide to the different treatment options available. 

How your doctor can help with breathlessness

There are several treatments for breathlessness. Your doctor needs to find the cause of your breathlessness to offer the best treatment for your situation. 

How you can help yourself when you are breathless

Breathlessness can make daily living very difficult. It is important to stay as active as possible and try to find ways to reduce breathlessness.

Breathing and relaxation techniques

Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can help you if you become breathless.

Oxygen at home

Your guide on different types of oxygen you can have at home. 

Having oxygen when you are travelling and on holiday

Information on travelling with oxygen and taking oxygen on holiday.

Last reviewed: 
26 Jun 2023
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26 Jun 2026