The last few weeks and days

In the last weeks of life there are ways to manage your symptoms and keep you comfortable. It can help carers to know what might happen in the final days.

Managing your symptoms when you're dying

During your last few weeks and days of life, there are ways to manage the symptoms you might have. 

Changes to eating and drinking

People with cancer nearing the very end of their life can lose interest in eating and drinking. Although this is a part of the dying process, it can be difficult for family and friends to cope with. 

Using complementary therapies when you are dying

People dying from cancer sometimes use complementary therapies to help them cope with cancer and its treatment. 

Final days

What happens in the last days of life is different for everyone. But it can help carers and relatives to know a little about how things might be.

Questions to think about when you are dying

These questions could help you think about how you would like to be cared for during the final weeks of life.

Last reviewed: 
29 Mar 2022
Next review due: 
28 Mar 2025