Help and support for children

There are healthcare professionals, websites and booklets that can help children of all ages when someone is dying.

Healthcare professionals

It is important that children are able to let out their feelings and concerns. Talking can help.

Many hospitals, hospices and community cancer services have psychologists or social workers who can help you to support your children. Ask your doctor or nurse about these services in your area.

Using website information safely

Specialist support websites can be very helpful for older children who have a close relative who is ill or dying.

These sites contain useful information. They often have forums or chat rooms where children in similar situations can contact each other.

One example is the UK website riprap for young people whose parent has cancer. Or Kids Connected, an American site aimed at children aged between 5 and 18.

You can find some of these specialist websites in our section on resources and support.

Macmillan booklets

These useful booklets by Macmillan Cancer Support are about what to tell children when an adult has cancer and how children cope.

  • Talking to children when an adult has cancer
  • What do I tell the children? A guide for a parent with cancer

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