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Treatment for advanced cancer

Treatment for advanced cancer depends on a number of things including where the cancer is, the treatment you might have had before and your general health. Your doctor will talk to you about what the most suitable treatment options are and their possible side effects, and what the aim of treatment is.

Making decisions about treatment for advanced cancer

Read about making treatment decisions when you have advanced cancer.

Radiotherapy for advanced cancer

Find out what happens when you have radiotherapy for advanced cervical cancer.

Chemotherapy for advanced cancer

Chemotherapy can be used to treat advanced cervical cancer. Find out how and where you have it and about the side effects.

Targeted drug treatment

Find out about having targeted drug treatment for advanced cervical cancer, including how you have it, and the possible side effects.

Surgery for advanced cervical cancer

Some women may have an operation called pelvic exenteration for cervical cancer that has come back within the pelvis.


Read about chemotherapy and radiotherapy together for cervical cancer that has come back within the pelvis.

Controlling symptoms of advanced cervical cancer

Find out about treatments for the symptoms of advanced cervical cancer.

Research and clinical trials

Find out about the latest UK research into cervical cancer, as well as clinical trials and information about how you can take part.

Last reviewed: 
27 Sep 2017

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