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Radiotherapy for symptoms

Radiotherapy to treat symptoms and give a better quality of life is called palliative radiotherapy.

About radiotherapy for symptoms

Radiotherapy for symptoms or palliative treatment aims to shrink a cancer, slow down its growth, or control symptoms.

Radiotherapy for bone pain

Radiotherapy can be used as a treatment to relieve bone pain caused by cancer that has spread into the bone.

Radiotherapy for spinal cord compression

Radiotherapy treatment uses high energy x-rays to kill cancer cells. Find out about it as a treatment for spinal cord compression.

Radiotherapy to relieve pressure or a blockage

Radiotherapy can be the quickest way of shrinking a cancer and relieving symptoms when tumours block passages in the body.

Radiotherapy for brain cancer symptoms

Radiotherapy can help relieve symptoms caused by cancer that has spread to the brain.

Radiotherapy for lung cancer symptoms

Cancer that has spread to the lungs can cause discomfort. Radiotherapy can be used to relieve some symptoms.

Radiotherapy for cancer wounds

Cancer wounds happen when tumours growing under the skin break through. Radiotherapy can shrink the cancer and help dry up the wound.

Radiotherapy for blood vessel blockage (SVCO)

Radiotherapy can help shrink the cancer quickly when tumours block blood vessels.

Last reviewed: 
30 Apr 2016

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