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General radiotherapy side effects

Radiotherapy can cause a range of side effects. Find out about the general side effects in more detail.

General side effects of radiotherapy

Radiotherapy treatment for cancer can cause some side effects to the body.

Radiotherapy effects on your blood

Radiotherapy treatment can affect your bone marrow and blood cells. 

Eating and drinking during radiotherapy

You need to have as healthy a diet as possible during radiotherapy. Your body needs protein to heal itself and you need plenty of calories.

Radiotherapy tiredness

Radiotherapy can cause tiredness because the body has to repair damage caused by the treatment.

Radiotherapy and your skin

Radiotherapy treatment can affect your skin making it go red or darker.

Women's sex life and fertility after radiotherapy

Some radiotherapy treatments can affect your fertility and sex life. Find out what you can do about this.

Men's sex life and fertility and radiotherapy

Find out how radiotherapy might affect your sex life and fertility and what you can do about it.

Emotional effects of radiotherapy

Find out about the feelings and emotions you might have during or after radiotherapy treatment.

Last reviewed: 
30 Apr 2016

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