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Advanced cancer

Advanced bowel cancer is cancer that started in either the back passage (rectum) or large bowel (colon) and has spread to another part of the body. The treatment you need depends on a number of factors including where it is in your body.

Find out more about what it is, symptoms, possible treatments and get tips on how to cope.

About advanced bowel cancer

Find out about advanced bowel cancer and how it might affect you. Advanced cancer means that the cancer has spread from the bowel to other parts of the body.

Symptoms of advanced bowel cancer

The symptoms of advanced bowel cancer can include the symptoms for early stage bowel cancer. Other symptoms depend on which part of the body the cancer has spread to.

Treatment for advanced cancer

Deciding about treatment can be difficult when you have advanced bowel cancer. Treatment can help to reduce symptoms, make you feel better and sometimes can help you to live longer. 

Living with advanced bowel cancer

Get support to cope with emotional, practical and physical issues when you have advanced bowel cancer.

Last reviewed: 
19 Nov 2018

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