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Bowel cancer can start in the large bowel (colon cancer) or back passage (rectal cancer). It is also called colorectal cancer. 

Your treatment depends on whether you have colon or rectal cancer. 

Your treatment also depends on the stage of your cancer.  When colon and rectal cancer spread to another part of the body it is called advanced bowel cancer. 

Treatment for bowel - colon cancer

This section is about treatment for large bowel (colon cancer) that hasn't spread to another part of the body. The main treatments are surgery and chemotherapy. 

Treatment for bowel - rectal cancer

This section is about treatment for cancer that starts in the back passage (rectal cancer). The main treatments are chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and chemoradiotherapy. 

Treatment for advanced cancer

Advanced bowel cancer starts in either the back passage (rectum) or large bowel (colon) and spreads to another part of the body. Treatment can help to reduce symptoms, make you feel better and sometimes help you live longer. 

Last reviewed: 
28 Mar 2019

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