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How can I start using Your Patient Portal?

Your Patient Portal is available to procure from the G-cloud framework. If you are interested in applying the portal on a wider scale (e.g. trust- or region-wide) or for more information, please email: 

Your Patient Portal is a secure website that focuses on patient-centred care. It places the patient in control of their record, allowing them to grant access to specific care providers as their care demands. 

It uses the Patients Know Best system to provide a single view of your patient’s health record and a way to collaborate with others involved in your patient’s care. 

This approach is designed to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery.

Benefits of using Your Patient Portal

  • Meet national directives by enabling patients with online capability to access to their records
  • Securely access your patient’s health and care information on the go
  • Have a single view of your patient’s health record sourced from multiple care providers
  • Develop interactive care plans and coordinate multidisciplinary care delivery with other health professionals involved in your patient’s care
  • Conduct pre-appointment assessments and surveys, and have online consultations with patients and other health professionals
  • Reduce ‘Did Not Attends’ by allowing patients to access their lab results online
  • Access data from patient wearables
  • Provide personalised information to your patients to help them better manage their care. This includes information provided by Cancer Research UK.