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Clinical Trials Awards and Advisory Committee

Cancer Research UK has agreed to pilot the implementation of the Activity Capture and Attribution Template (ACAT) and the ACAT Review service. A number of CRUK funding schemes will be involved in this pilot, including the Clinical Trials Awards and Advisory Committee (CTAAC). Please click here for information on the planned pilot. Submission of an ACAT will be required with all full applications and feasibility study applications submitted to the March 2014 deadline. For further information and learning resources please visit the NIHR website

***The upper funding limit for our Feasibility Study Project Grants has increased to £150,000 in total across a maximum duration of 4 years. This change will take effect for any new proposals submitted from the March 2014 deadline onwards.***

The Clinical Trials Awards and Advisory Committee (CTAAC) reviews and funds cancer clinical trials. CTAAC is responsible for the review, funding and management of awards for phase II studies testing aspects of feasibility or tolerability and/or efficacy, larger phase II and phase III therapeutic clinical trials and sample collections.

CTAAC reviews applications for funding or approval of late phase investigator-led studies. The former Feasibility Study Committee (FSC) was amalgamated into CTAAC in April 2008. CTAAC therefore also funds single or multi-centre prospective therapeutic, diagnostic or prevention phase II studies testing aspects of feasibility or tolerability and/or efficacy.

Additionally, CTAAC is now responsible for the review of prospective sample collections from clinical trials that are about to commence or are ongoing. Support will be provided for the collection of tumour blocks and bloods only, unless specific justification can be made by an applicant for the collection of additional sample types. 

Applications submitted to CTAAC are assessed based on their scientific and technical merit, taking into consideration comments collected from expert peer reviewers. The Committee meets three times per year.

***Joint initiative between Cancer Research UK & The Brain Tumour Charity for funding feasibility studies in brain tumours***
Recognising the further need for research into novel agents and therapies in primary and secondary brain tumours, CRUK and The Brain Tumour Charity are launching another joint call for Feasibility Study Project applications. The next deadline for applications is 26 March 2014. Find out more information on the application process, the funding limit, the assessment criteria and future submission deadlines.

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See below for information on how to contact this Committee's secretariat and the available funding schemes.

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