Meet our researchers

We fund pioneering researchers across the whole of the UK, working hard to beat cancer. Here’s a selection of some of them, and you can download a full list here.

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Name Project Location
Ester Hammond Targeting oxygen starvation to improve cancer therapy Oxford
Greg Hannon Flipping genetic switches Cambridge
Adrian Harris Targeting cancer’s blood supply Oxford
Caroline Hill Switching off cancer’s green light London
Tim Illidge Are two types of treatment better than one? Manchester
Stephen Jackson Investigating how cells fight DNA damage Cambridge
Duncan Jodrell Bringing promising potential new treatments into the clinic Cambridge
Peter Johnson Understanding the immune system to fight cancer Southampton
Nic Jones Untangling faulty signalling networks Manchester
Claus Jorgensen Miscommunication in pancreatic cancer Manchester
Jurre Kamphorst Finding new drug targets for pancreatic cancer Glasgow
Pam Kearns Cutting edge clinical trials Birmingham
Anne Kiltie Improving bladder cancer treatment Oxford
Tony Kouzarides How faulty DNA 'tags' can lead to cancer Cambridge
Ruth Langley Exploring aspirin's possibilities London