Meet our researchers

We fund pioneering researchers across the whole of the UK, working hard to beat cancer. Here’s a selection of some of them, and you can download a full list here.

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Name Project Location
Duncan Baird Tackling telomeres – the long and short of it Cardiff
Fran Balkwill Developing new treatments for ovarian cancer London
Andrew Biankin Tailoring treatments for pancreatic cancer Glasgow
Judith Bliss Improving treatments for breast cancer London
Carlos Caldas Finding the faulty genes that drive breast cancer Cambridge
Charles Coombes Tackling drug-resistant breast cancer London
Caroline Dive Hunting cancer cells in the blood Manchester
Gerard Evan Understanding a key cancer driver Cambridge
Corinne Faivre-Finn Improving treatments for lung cancer Manchester
Dean Fennell Tackling hard-to-treat lung cancers Leicester
Margaret Frame How does cancer spread and how can we stop it? Edinburgh
Greg Hannon Flipping genetic switches Cambridge
Adrian Harris Targeting cancer’s blood supply Oxford
Caroline Hill Switching off cancer’s green light London
Claus Jorgensen Miscommunication in pancreatic cancer Manchester