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We spend nearly £6million every year in Leeds, enabling the smartest minds to work together on improving outcomes for cancer patients, not just in Yorkshire, but all over the world. Our partnership with the University of Leeds and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust means researchers can work faster and smarter to beat cancer, sooner.

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The benefits of genetic testing

Tracey lost her mum, grandmother and great grandmother to ovarian cancer. Advances in genetic testing, meant she had surgery to help prevent the disease from developing.

Tackling blood cancers

Dr Reuben Tooze and Dr Gina Doody made a breakthrough when they managed to get plasma cells to stay alive outside the human body, opening the door to a range of new research into myeloma.

Our strategy to beat cancer sooner

Our vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.Our new strategy will give us the foundations we need to tackle the challenges ahead.

Leeds facts in 2013

we funded 4 PhD students and 9 New Investigators

we supported 10 clinical trials

we spent nearly £6 million on research

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