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Lung cancer is the third most common cancer and the leading cause of cancer death in the UK. We’ve helped to prevent the disease through our campaigns to reduce smoking, and our scientists are leading the quest for better treatments to bring hope to patients.

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“I was diagnosed in April and it knocked my socks off”

Joe lung cancer

Joe was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008 after suffering from a persistent cough. During surgery they discovered the cancer was more extensive, so Joe was put on radiotherapy. 

“Marking a new era in Mesothelioma research”

Professor Dean Fennell is leading pioneering research and clinical trials for patients with lung cancer and mesothelioma – marking a new era into personalised medicines to treat cancer.

Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence

We have brought together leading researchers from Manchester and London to form a Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence. This will galvanise the research community to help improve outcomes for patients.

Our strategy to beat cancer sooner

Our vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.Our new strategy will give us the foundations we need to tackle the challenges ahead.

More about lung cancer

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