How we spend your money

How much we spent in 2015/16

What we spent on research, policy and information in 2015/16

We spent £470 million on all of our work to help beat cancer.

This includes:

•    £404 million towards research. Some projects will run over several years and the money is set aside now because we have committed to supporting these long-term projects.  

•    £38 million spent on our policy and information activities including our work with GPs, our Cancer Awareness Roadshow and our campaigning.

•    £28 million spent on the construction of the Francis Crick Institute.


We spent £107 million on engaging new supporters, developing new ways to raise money, and marketing.


We spent £81 million on trading, which includes the costs of putting on fundraising events like Race for Life, and running our shops. Cancer Research UK shops not only raise money, but also help promote cancer awareness.