How we spend your money

How much we spent in 2016/17

In 2016/17 we spent a total of £666 million using money raised during this financial year plus extra money gained, for example through investments.

We spent £473 million on all of our work to help beat cancer.

This includes:

  • £432 million towards research. We spent around two-thirds of this on research into specific types of cancer and a third on research into cancer biology, which underpins all types of cancer. This money was spent across research sites, awards and support costs.  
  • £41 million spent on our policy and information activities. This includes prevention and early diagnosis work; campaigning; communicating health messages; and engaging patients, the public and health professionals.

We spent £108 million on fundraising.

This includes marketing to engage new supporters and innovation to develop new ways to raise money, to make sure we can continue our research in the future.

We spent £85 million running our shop network and events.

This includes:

  • £69 million on goods, rent, electricity and salaries of our shop managers. Our shops are a more expensive way of fundraising but they are important to keep in touch with our supporters throughout the UK.
  • £16 million to deliver events which have a registration fee, like Race for Life.