National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative (NAEDI)

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The National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative - NAEDI - is a public sector/third sector partnership. It is led by Cancer Research UK, the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England. They work in partnership with other public and voluntary sector organisations to support and drive forward work on early diagnosis.

The role of NAEDI is to coordinate and provide support to activities and research that promote the earlier diagnosis of cancer.

NAEDI is an England-based initiative, but much of the research and insight generated is likely to be relevant to other nations.

Download the NAEDI briefing sheet to find out everything you need to know about the initiative.

NAEDI activity

NAEDI aims, through a variety of means, to promote earlier diagnosis of cancer, increasing access to optimal treatment and thereby improving survival rates and reducing cancer mortality.

Tackling late diagnosis is a multifaceted challenge and requires action across the whole pathway from public awareness and encouraging people to see their doctor, to supporting GPs and other services so that all patients have timely access to tests, specialist advice and treatment. Below are examples of NAEDI activity:

1. Achieving early presentation

Be Clear on Cancer symptoms awareness campaigns aim to encourage prompt help-seeking across a range of cancer types.

More information about Be Clear on Cancer

 2.  Optimising clinical practice and systems

The National Cancer Intelligence Network produces General Practice profiles, which bring together a range of data relevant to cancer in primary care, and allow practices to make comparisons.

More information about General Practice profiles

3. ImprovingGP access to diagnostics

The ACE programme (Accelerate Coordinate and Evaluate) is looking to build on service and pathway development activity happening in England to improve early diagnosis and, through robust evaluation, inform the commissioning intentions of the future.

4. Research, monitoring and evaluation

The research workstream of NAEDI is funded by a consortium of partners and supports innovative research projects and training for early diagnosis researchers across the UK.

More information&n about the NAEDI research partnership.

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