Cancer Prevention Initiative

The Cancer Research UK/BUPA Foundation Cancer Prevention Initiative is accelerating behavioural research and policy research which has real impact on cancer prevention, a strategic priority for Cancer Research UK.

Why this partnership was set up

Nearly half of all cancers are attributed to various lifestyle and environmental factors. Cancer prevention through behaviour change has the potential to make a significant difference. We know many cancers can be prevented, but knowing how to prevent them is a huge challenge that will require extensive research, public and policy interventions and societal will.

The aims of this partnership

It is a challenge that Cancer Research UK in partnership with the Bupa Foundation is taking on by establishing the new Cancer Prevention Initiative. The initiative aims to tackle cancer by funding cutting edge research into behavioural and lifestyle changes that can prevent people getting cancer, and the policies that support such changes, for the benefit of both the wider public and for those who have already been affected by cancer.

To achieve this, under the auspices of the International Advisory Board (IAB), and led by a Cancer Prevention Champion, the Cancer Prevention Initiative will be active in three main areas.

  • The Policy Research Centre for Cancer Prevention (PRCP) will drive the translation of research output into population impact through real-world policy change.
  • The Cancer Prevention Fellowship scheme will support the next generation of outstanding young researchers and health care professionals to deliver a sustainable source of future leaders in cancer prevention.
  • The Bupa Foundation Fund will facilitate idea generation for behavioural research in cancer prevention, by bringing together a diversity of individuals, and providing funds for the development of innovative, radical and pioneering research.

Find out more

For further information on the Cancer Prevention Initiative please read the latest update (PDF) or contact Lucy Davies at

Call for proposals

Bupa Foundation Fund Innovation Grant

Cancer Prevention Fellowship

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