Our Research Centres

The CRUK Centres are one of our highest strategic priorities. Supported by over £200 million of CRUK infrastructure investment, this network of 16 centres delivers the world-leading research, accelerating the transition of lab-based discovery to the clinic for the benefit of people affected by cancer.

Centre status is awarded to locations performing the highest quality cancer research. We provide funding for technical staff, equipment, post-graduate training and running costs, developing the breadth and depth of research at each of these Centres.

The CRUK Centres' Network plays a key role in delivering our objectives in translational research, with Centres specialising in different tumour sites and research themes. 

Encouraging collaboration and partnerships

Our Centres drive local partnerships and high-calibre collaborations between universities, NHS Trusts and other cancer charities under a united strategy to accelerate the translation of research into the clinic.

Where the money goes

Our funding is used for clinical and non-clinical training, research infrastructure (research nurses, technicians, some equipment) and to provide seed-funding. Our Centres deliver effective use of these resources and infrastructure, providing the focus needed to enhance the quality of UK translational research.

The right research environment

Providing an environment in which world-class research can thrive is crucial to achieving our research goals. Our investment in infrastructure such as our Centres helps to shape the research environment in the UK so that researchers can make the most of funding from us and others. We support research through our involvement in partnerships and networks both nationally and internationally, as well as funding the work of individual researchers across the UK.

Centres Network Accelerator Awards

These collaborative awards provide infrastructure funding for teams across different institutions to create high-quality resources that will advance translational research.

The call for expressions of interest for the 2015 funding round has now closed. Details for future calls will be announced in due course.

Centres review & funding periods

An independent, international panel is assembled at the end of each funding cycle to assess the performance of each Centre, applications from potential new Centres, and the network as a whole.

The current funding cycle comes to an end in March 2017 with a new five-year funding cycle beginning in April 2017. Each Centre is also evaluated against its objectives annually, to determine continued funding.

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