Our centres

The Cancer Research UK Centres are one of our highest strategic priorities. They form a national framework to deliver world-leading research, improved patient care and greater local engagement.

Encouraging collaboration and partnerships

They drive local partnerships and high-calibre collaborations between universities, NHS Trusts and other cancer charities under a united strategy to accelerate the translation of research into the clinic.

Where the money goes

Our funding is used for clinical and non-clinical training, research infrastructure (research nurses, technicians, some equipment) and to provide seed-funding. Our Centres deliver effective use of these resources and infrastructure, providing the focus needed to enhance the quality of UK translational research.

The right research environment

Providing an environment in which world-class research can thrive is crucial to achieving our research goals. Our investment in infrastructure such as our Centres helps to shape the research environment in the UK so that researchers can make the most of funding from us and others. We support research through our involvement in partnerships and networks both nationally and internationally, as well as funding the work of individual researchers across the UK.

Centres review

Following review, the next three years of research funding at our 15 Centres began in April 2014. More details on the work being carried out in each of our research locations across the UK can be found on our research near you pages.

Centres Network Accelerator Awards

Our research strategy is built on the understanding that effective partnerships are crucial for delivering the greatest impact. We want to support a united Cancer Research UK community in which our Centres work as a network, not just as individual locations.

To support this aim, we have launched a new funding scheme, the Cancer Research UK Centres Network Accelerator Awards. These awards provide additional infrastructure support that aim to enable Centres to increase collaboration, promote translational research and build capacity in areas of strategic priority for the Centres and Cancer Research UK. 

The basic remit and eligibility requirements are:

  • Maximum of £1m per annum for up to five years
  • Cancer Research UK Centre directors may lead one application
  • Centres, Major Centres and other non-centre locations may collaborate on any applications

Please direct questions to the Centres team at centres@cancer.org.uk.

Our research around the UK

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