New Agents Committee

The New Agents Committee (NAC) selects new anti-cancer treatments for early clinical trials

NAC members are expert in early clinical trials of novel agents and other aspects of drug development. Proposals and meetings are confidential. NAC-approved novel agents in development include: molecularly targeted small molecules, cytotoxic agents, antibodies, vaccines, viral gene therapy, immunotherapy, cell therapy, radioimmunotherapy, diagnostics and imaging agents.

Research areas

The NAC is interested in proposals for scientifically-driven trials of novel unregistered anti-cancer agents. NAC reviews and funds:

  • Exploratory/preclinical development prior to a clinical trial
  • Phase I trials, including first-in-man and first-in-class
  • Combinations trials of unregistered and registered agents
  • Early phase II hypothesis-testing trials

How proposals are judged

Proposals are subject to external, international peer review and are judged on the basis of:

  • Scientific rationale and importance
  • Uniqueness/novelty of the target or agent
  • Significance of the proposed trial and its endpoints
  • Clinical need
  • Quality of data in relevant models


Chair of the New Agents Committee

Professor Ruth Plummer - Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle

Vice-chair of the New Agents Committee

Professor Bob Brown - Imperial College School of Medicine, London

Dr Neil Carragher - Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre, University of Edinburgh

Professor John Chester - University of Cardiff School of Medicine

Dr Sarah Danson Sheffield Cancer Research Centre, University of Sheffield

Professor Michelle Garrett - University of Kent

Professor Martin Glennie - School of Medicine, University of Southampton

Professor Tessa L Holyoake - Paul O'Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre, University of Glasgow

Professor Pam Kearns - CCLG & University of Birmingham

Professor Richard Kennedy - Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Martin Leach - Institute of Cancer Research, London

Professor Mike Lind - University of Hull

Professor Alan Melcher - University of Leeds

Dr Paul Mulholland - University College London Hospitals

Dr Alan Naylor - Independent consultant

Dr James Spicer - King's College London

Professor Will Steward - University of Leicester

Professor Steve Wedge - Northern Institute for Cancer Research, University of Newcastle

Professor Cristiana Sessa - Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland

Professor Dr Jaap Verweij - Erasmus University Rotterdam

Contact for this committee

Kate Searle


Kate Searle

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3469 6929