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Southampton Cancer Research UK Centre

Scientist with pipette The Southampton Cancer Research UK Centre is a network bringing together scientists, doctors and nurses in the area. They are using the latest research advances to improve treatment for cancer patients in and around Southampton and across the UK.

The Centre is a partnership between Cancer Research UK, the University of Southampton, and Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Researchers in the Centre are focusing on breast cancer and urological cancers - principally testicular, bladder and kidney cancers - as well as lymphoma. But they are also working on many other types of cancer, including tumours affecting the head and neck cancer, and liver and bile duct cancers.

Science and research at Southampton

The Southampton Cancer Research UK Centre is a world-class centre of excellence for research into immunotherapy – how to harness the power of the immune system to treat cancer. The first DNA cancer vaccines were developed here, and scientists at the Centre are at the cutting edge of this exciting field.

Another area of strength in the Centre is cancer genetics – hunting the gene faults that increase an individual's risk of cancer. And there is also an emphasis on cancer surgery - particularly for head and neck cancers and breast cancer - including focusing on research into this vital treatment.

Southampton has a strong track record in training outstanding cancer scientists, doctors and surgeons – a tradition that is set to continue and grow. The Centre provides the right environment for training the next generation of experts, to ensure that we continue to make progress in beating cancer.

See Research Highlights in Southampton for a selection of research and researchers in this area.

Watch researchers at Southampton talk about the impact the Centre will have on cancer research locally and nationally (3 mins, 44 secs)

The MyProjects site provides more information on the research taking place in Southampton and in particular, the work taking place to understand how bowel cancer spreads

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