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Oxford Cancer Research Centre

Gloved hand holding a tray of sample bottlesThe Oxford Cancer Research Centre builds on the city's long history of groundbreaking scientific research, bringing together world-class scientists, doctors, nurses and radiotherapists to speed progress in beating cancer.

The Centre is a partnership between Cancer Research UK, the University of Oxford and the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Science and research at Oxford

Female scientist working a lab benchResearchers at the Centre are studying many different types of cancer. In particular, they are focusing on breast, skin, gastrointestinal and urological cancers, which covers bladder, prostate, kidney and testicular cancers.

Radiotherapy research is a particular strength of the Oxford Centre, spearheaded by scientists at the Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology - created to be the largest group of doctors and scientists specialising in radiotherapy research in the country.

Another key strength is research into the genetic and lifestyle factors that increase the risk of cancer, building on decades of experience in this area. Oxford scientists first showed that smoking causes cancer more than 40 years ago, and researchers in the city have made many more major discoveries in understanding the causes of the disease.

Other areas of expertise at the Oxford centre include research into the faulty genes and molecules that lie at the heart of cancer. Researchers will also be investigating ways to improve cancer diagnosis, as well as searching for 'biomarkers' to help doctors predict the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

Scientist pouring gel into a tray for experimentA major aim of the Oxford centre is to bring benefits to cancer patients faster than ever before. To achieve this, the University has established a new Department of Oncology next door to the new Oxford Cancer Centre at the Churchill hospital in the city. This will help to build stronger links between researchers working in the lab and doctors caring for cancer patients, speeding up the creation of new treatments.

Finally, the centre is designed to be part of the community in and around Oxford. Working with our Local Engagement and Development team, researchers will engage with local people to raise awareness of cancer and the world-class research on their doorstep.

See Research Highlights in Oxford for a selection of research and researchers in this area.

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