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Newcastle Cancer Centre at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research

People from the Newcastle CentreThe Newcastle Cancer Centre at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research is bringing world-class research and state-of-the-art cancer treatment to people in the North East. By promoting collaboration between scientists, doctors, nurses and funding organisations, the Centre is aiming to speed the delivery of new therapies and improve cancer services in the area.

The Centre is jointly funded by Cancer Research UK and the North of England Children's Cancer Research Fund. Newcastle University and Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are also part of the partnership.

Science and research in Newcastle

Researchers in the Centre have particular expertise in blood cancers – leukaemias and lymphomas – as well as childhood and prostate cancers. But the scientists will also focus on other disease types, including brain, ovarian, bladder, gastric and breast tumours.

At the heart of the new Centre is the Northern Institute for Cancer Research, which has a strong track record in developing and testing new treatments. Work at the Centre will boost this activity, helping to take bright ideas from the lab to patients faster than ever before.

Researchers in Newcastle are also investigating biomarkers - using new types of scanning to reveal tell-tale signals in the body that can be measured to select the best cancer treatment or tell how well a new treatment is working.

We know that cancer patients from poorer areas have a lower chance of surviving the disease. By working with the local community, the Centre aims to raise awareness of cancer risks and symptoms. This will help to reduce the number of people in the North East region who develop the disease, as well as improving survival.

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Watch a video

Watch a video about the current research and activities at the Newcastle Cancer Centre at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research.

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