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As the world’s largest independent organisation dedicated to cancer research, we see tobacco control as a key aspect of our work to prevent cancer. Our International Tobacco Control Programme’s vision is to reduce tobacco related disease and deaths in LMICs by reducing the number of people who smoke and the number of young people taking up smoking.

Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of cancer worldwide.

Without action the problem is projected to increase significantly for the world’s poorest.

Increasing tobacco taxes is the most effective way to reduce the devastation caused by tobacco.


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The way to address this global problem is through effective policy intervention at International, Regional and National levels. An excellent global policy framework exists in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). We believe that effective implementation of the FCTC, by ratifying nations, will decisively change the international landscape of tobacco control and will stem the tobacco epidemic, protecting future generations worldwide.

We build support for FCTC implementation in low- and middle-income governments (LMICs)

  • Expanding the tobacco control evidence base with a focus on economics and taxation:
    • We commission policy-oriented research and publish calls on tobacco economics.
    • We attract non-tobacco economists and encourage the formation of research teams of economists, advocates and policy makers.
  • Supporting the development of the tobacco control research community and the influencers of tomorrow
    • We are delivering a policy focused research and advocacy capacity-building programme for economists, advocates and policy makers in low- and middle-income countries, known as PROACTT.

We champion greater investment in the implementing the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in LMICs

  • We engage in international activities and events to promote FCTC implementation and the work of our International Tobacco Control Programme.
  • We provide targeted support for organisations that advocate at the international level for more effective FCTC implementation in LMICs.
  • We showcase research findings that demonstrate the benefits of FCTC implementation in LMICs.

We coordinating with other funders

  • We coordinate with other organisations that fund tobacco economics in LMICs. We improve coordination and collaboration by establishing and providing the secretariat for a tobacco economics funders group.

Cancer Research UK funds tobacco control researchers and advocates from low- and middle-income countries. Our primary goal is to promote evidence-based policy making.

International Tobacco Advisory Group (ITAG)

The Cancer Research UK International Tobacco Advisory Group is a funding committee that considers project grants and advocacy proposals.

The grants fund policy and advocacy work to help implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in low- and middle-income countries.

Programme for Research, Advocacy and Capacity Building on Tobacco Taxation (PROACTT)

PROACTT is an innovative new programme that will fund researchers and advocates from low- and middle-income countries in the economics of tobacco control, with the primary goal of promoting evidence-based policy making.

Cancer Research UK’s approach to international tobacco control is evidence-based, collaborative and policy-focused. We work with the leading cancer charities, funders, research centres, ministries and universities across the world. These include:

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