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Every patient should have access to the best, evidence-based treatment for them. Cancer drugs can improve patient survival, allow people to return to work, look after their families and lead more active and fulfilling lives.

As we enter an era of personalised medicine where drugs can be tailored precisely to an individual’s cancer we need an NHS that can keep pace with the advances we are making in drug discovery. 

It is important that government’s across the UK manage health budgets carefully to guarantee patient access to evidence-based cancer drugs.  Regulators such as the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence or the Scottish Medicines Consortium must ensure only drugs that are safe, offer clinical benefit, and cost-effectiveness for NHS budgets - reach patients as quickly as possible.

Recently there have been a lot of changes in this area, such as the introduction of a new Cancer Drugs Fund in England and New Treatment Fund in Wales. 

Introduced last year, the new Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) in England was developed to create a more sustainable solution for access to new cancer drugs. We welcome the new CDF’s focus on data collection with a managed access fund between NHS England and drug companies.  But we recognise the new CDF it is only part of the solution.  We now need to find novel and flexible ways of paying for new cancer drugs.

We continue to work hard with decision-makers and health bodies across the UK to ensure patient access stays top of the policy agenda.

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