Annual review

Year in numbers 2015

Our Annual Review 2014/15 is packed with highlights of our work across the UK and the inspiring stories of people who have benefited from it. It’s a thank you to all our supporters – without you, none of this would be possible. Read on to find out what you’ve helped us achieve this year…


Our supporters' stories

Your support helps us to fund life-saving research into the causes, prevention and treatment of cancer. Here some of our supporters whose stories feature in our Annual Review talk about how their lives have been affected by cancer.

How Cancer Research UK spends money

Our work
We spent £464 million on our work this year. This includes all of the pioneering research we agreed to fund in 2014/15, as well as our policy and information work – for example supporting GPs, our Cancer Awareness Roadshow, and campaigns to keep cancer at the top of the political agenda. Our contribution to building The Francis Crick Institute is also included in this amount.

The cost of fundraising includes engaging new supporters, developing new ways to raise money, and marketing.

Shops and events
This includes running our fundraising events like Race for Life, and our shops. Cancer Research UK shops not only raise money, but also help promote cancer awareness.

Other costs
This includes money spent on governance and managing our investments – this also generates money for us.

Support costs: These internal costs include human resources, legal services and IT, which are essential to make the organisation run efficiently.

To find out more about where we spend our money you can download our Annual Report & Accounts.

Research carried out in 2014/15

We spent £341 million on life-saving research in 2014/15. This figure includes £35 million on clinical trials, £27 million on research into new drugs, and £13 million on research into possible causes of cancer, helping people to reduce their risk

We’re aiming to increase the amount we spend on hard-to-treat cancers as part of our strategy, including pancreatic, lung, oesophageal cancers and brain tumours. We’re also planning to spend more in other areas such as early diagnosis. 
We don’t ring-fence set amounts to be spent on particular cancer types. The amount we spend on each type varies from year to year as new research projects start and finish. We always aim to fund the best quality research with the greatest potential to bring benefits to people affected by all types of cancer.

To find out more about where we spend our money you can download our Annual Report & Accounts.

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