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This page tells you about recent information added to our patient information pages. There is information about


Our website

In October 2009 we relaunched our patient information website. Following testing with site users we reorganised all our information so that you can find it easily. We did this because the amount of content we had grew by at least 4 times since we redesigned in 2000. Since 2009 the amount of content on the site has grown even more. We are currently redesigning our website again and will soon have a great, fresh, new look.

We are currently refreshing the website and creating a new style for the content. Please help us by sending your feedback, telling us what you like and what you don't.


New information

In March 2016, we added information about

Cytarabine into spinal fluid

In February 2016 we added information about 


Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Capsule endoscopy

In January 2016 we added information about 

Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT)


Reviews of site sections

If there are any major developments, publications of guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), or clinical guidelines, we amend the relevant sections on different types of cancer, and other relevant sections, at the time. As well as this ad hoc updating, our sections are reviewed and updated every 12 to 18 months.

In June 2016, we updated the 

In May 2016, we updated the

In April 2016, we updated the

In March 2016, we updated the

In February 2016, we updated the

In December 2015, we updated the

In November 2015, we updated the

In September 2015, we updated the


Clinical trials

We are making every effort to extend and maintain our clinical trials database. This work is ongoing and by the end of October 2016 we had 522 trials listed that are open to patients in the UK. We aim to provide as comprehensive a listing of UK clinical trials in cancer care as we can. We also provide information about trials that have now closed to recruitment, and we add plain English summaries of trial results when these are available.

We would welcome your feedback on the clinical trials database. Click on 'feedback' at the top of any page and send us your views.

In October 2016 the following trials were added to our clinical trials database

We also added results to the following trials


Answering your questions

We are able to answer your questions about cancer. You can ring Cancer Research UK's team of experienced cancer information nurses on freephone 0808 800 4040. Or you can send them a question about cancer by using our question form.  Please note, we can't answer enquiries from overseas.

You can send us your views about our website on our feedback form.

Remember to include your email address in these forms. We have set up our feedback forms so that you can contact us anonymously, but if you want a personal reply you must type in your email address.

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Updated: 1 August 2016