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Treatments in development

All treatments must be fully researched before they can be adopted as standard treatment for everyone. This is so that we can be sure they work better than the treatments we already use and so we know that they are safe. Even once they have been researched they need to be licensed for use as a treatment. Find out about some of the treatments in development.

The cancer types section and our clinical trials database also have information about new treatments being looked at for cancer.  


Cediranib is a new drug that researchers are investigating. It is pronounced sed-ih-ran-ib. It is also called Recentin or AZD2171.

Can aspirin stop my cancer spreading?

Find out about the research into aspirin and cancer, what you need to know and what researchers still need to find out.

Combretastatin for advanced cancer

Find out about clinical trials using combretastatin in the UK to treat cancer.

ECMC clinical trials

Find out about Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) trials. 

CimaVax vaccine

CimaVax is a new vaccine being developed for lung cancer.

Stratified medicine

Stratified medicine means looking at large groups of cancer patients to find ways of predicting which treatments cancers are likely to respond to.

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