Find out how treatment for womb cancer might affect your fertility.

How treatment can affect fertility

You can no longer have children (lose your fertility) if you have not yet had your menopause and you have:

  • surgery to remove your womb
  • radiotherapy to your womb

Having treatment with some chemotherapy drugs might also lead to a loss of fertility.


This can be quite a shock. You might need time to come to terms with your loss of fertility. You have all the feelings that come with a natural change of life, but on top of coping with a diagnosis of cancer. This can even be true if you have had your menopause and could no longer become pregnant. It can feel like the end of a particular phase of life.

Many women feel a great sense of loss if they have to have their womb removed (a hysterectomy). Some find the operation makes them feel less feminine. 

Talk to your GP, nurse or consultant if you feel you need some help. A support group might be helpful. Or you could think about counselling.

Last reviewed: 
30 Jan 2020
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