Research and clinical trials for vaginal cancer

All treatments must be fully researched before they can be adopted as standard treatment for everyone. This is so that we can be sure they work better than the treatments we already use and so we know that they are safe. Find out about the latest research into vaginal cancer, how to join a clinical trial and what trials are. 

Research into vaginal cancer

Research trials aim to find out if new treatments are safe and better than those currently available for vaginal cancer.

Find a clinical trial

Our clinical trials database has open, closed and result summaries of trials in the UK.

What clinical trials are

Trials aim to find out if a new treatment or procedure is safe or better than a current treatment.

Before you take part

Find out about what researchers should tell you before you agree to take part in a trial.
Last reviewed: 
13 May 2024
Next review due: 
13 May 2027