Fertility and chemotherapy

Chemotherapy might affect your ability to have children (fertility). You might want to look into fertility treatments or get support to help you cope.

Women's fertility and chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can affect a woman’s fertility. There are treatments that might be able to help. If you're pregnant at diagnosis, talk to your doctor.

Men's fertility and chemotherapy

Some chemotherapy drugs can affect a man’s fertility. Talk to your doctor about your risk of infertility. They can tell you more about the possibility of storing sperm.

Pregnancy and contraception

During your treatment you should avoid unprotected sex. You should not become pregnant or father a child while having chemotherapy. Some drugs can damage a developing baby.

Coping with infertility

It can be very difficult to learn that chemotherapy has affected your ability to have children (fertility). You can get support to help you cope.

Last reviewed: 
08 Sep 2020
Next review due: 
08 Sep 2023