Surgery for prostate cancer

Surgery is one of the main treatments for prostate cancer. 

You usually have an operation to remove your prostate gland to try to cure your cancer. This is called radical prostatectomy. You can have a radical prostatectomy during open surgery or by using a robotic system (also called Da Vinci surgery). 

You might also have an operation to remove your testicles and stop you from making the hormone testosterone. This is called orchidectomy and is a type of hormone therapy. 

Surgery to remove prostate cancer

Surgery to remove your prostate gland is called radical prostatectomy. Find out about how you have it. 

Before your operation for prostate cancer

Before your operation, you have tests to check your fitness and you meet members of your treatment team. 

On the day of your prostate cancer surgery

On the day of your operation, you need to do things including stopping eating for a few hours. 

After prostate cancer surgery

It takes a few weeks for you to recover after a prostate cancer operation. You will need to spend a few days in the hospital and then give yourself time to recover once you are home.   

Last reviewed: 
07 Jun 2022
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07 Jun 2025