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Types of ovarian cancer

Epithelial ovarian cancer is the most common type of ovarian cancer. Primary peritoneal cancer and fallopian tube cancer are similar to epithelial ovarian cancer and are treated in the same way.

Rare types of ovarian cancer include germ cell tumours (teratomas), stromal tumours (granulosa tumours) and sarcomas. 

Epithelial ovarian cancer

Epithelial ovarian cancers start in the cells covering the ovaries and are the most common type of ovarian cancer. Around 90 out of 100 (90%) of ovarian tumours are this type.

Primary peritoneal cancer

Primary peritoneal cancer (PPC) is a rare cancer of the peritoneum. It is very similar to the most common type of ovarian cancer called epithelial cancer. 

Fallopian tube cancer

Fallopian tube cancer starts in the fallopian tubes which connect the ovaries to the womb. The treatment is very similar to ovarian cancer.

Teratoma of the ovary

Ovarian teratoma is the most common type of germ cell tumour. 5 out of 100 women with ovarian cancer (5%) have cancerous germ cell tumours.

Granulosa tumour of the ovary

Granulosa tumours are a type of sex cord stromal tumours. Less than 5 out of 100 women with ovarian cancer (5%) have this type.

Borderline ovarian tumours

Borderline ovarian tumours are abnormal cells that form in the tissue covering the ovary. They are not cancer and are usually cured with surgery.

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20 Dec 2018

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