Making swallowing easier when you have oesophageal cancer

Swallowing can be difficult for some people with cancer in the oeosphagus. There are treatments that can make swallowing easier.

You might have these treatments with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Oesophageal stent

An oesophageal stent is a small metal or plastic tube put into the oesophagus to keep it open.

Heat and laser treatments for oesophageal cancer

You might have heat or laser treatment to burn away cancer cells in the oesophagus. 

Oesophageal dilatation

The food pipe can be blocked by cancer, or become narrower after treatment. Oesophageal dilatation means stretching the food pipe to open it up again.

Last reviewed: 
25 Sep 2023
Next review due: 
25 Sep 2026