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The treatment you have depends on the stage and type of your nasopharyngeal cancer.

Who treats you

Read about what doctors and health professionals might be involved at different stages of your treatment.

Treatment decisions

Find out about the different types of treatment for nasopharyngeal cancer, and how your doctor decides which treatment you need.


Radiotherapy is the main type of treatment for nasopharyngeal cancers.


Chemotherapy uses anti cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells. See how you might have it for nasopharyngeal cancer.


Having chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the same time is called chemoradiotherapy. See how you might have it for nasopharyngeal cancer.


Find out why you might have surgery and what happens during and after the operation.

Follow up

After treatment you have regular check ups to find out how you are getting on and to look for any signs of the cancer coming back or spreading. This is called follow up.

Last reviewed: 
13 Mar 2018

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