Surgery for mesothelioma

Surgery isn't a common treatment for mesothelioma. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remove all the cancer and get rid of the mesothelioma for good. 

Surgery aims to keep mesothelioma under control and help you to stay well for as long as possible. It isn't suitable for everyone with mesothelioma. To have surgery you have to be fairly fit and well so that you can recover without too many problems.

Surgery for pleural mesothelioma

Some people might have surgery to try to remove pleural mesothelioma. The aim is to try and keep the disease under control and help you to stay well for as long as possible.

Surgery for peritoneal mesothelioma

Surgery for peritoneal mesothelioma isn't very common. To have surgery, you must be very fit and have early stage peritoneal mesothelioma.

Before your operation for mesothelioma surgery

Your pre assessment appointment prepares you for your mesothelioma operation. You also and meet the team who are involved with your surgery.

On the day of your mesothelioma surgery

You might go into hospital the day before, or on the day of your surgery.

After mesothelioma surgery

After having mesothelioma surgery, you may feel overwhelmed. Find out what to expect just after surgery and when you go home. 

Last reviewed: 
22 Jun 2023
Next review due: 
22 Jun 2026