Surgery for lung cancer

The type of surgery you might have depends on where in the lung your cancer is, how big it is, and your general health.

Types of surgery for lung cancer

There are different types of surgery and these are done by specialist lung surgeons. 

Before your operation for lung cancer

Before your operation, you have tests to check your fitness and you meet members of your treatment team. 

On the day of lung cancer surgery

You have a general anaesthetic so you can't feel anything during the operation. This sends you into a deep sleep. 

After lung cancer surgery

It takes a few weeks for you to recover after your operation. You will be in hospital for about a week and will then need more time to recover once you are home. 

Problems after lung cancer surgery

There is a risk of problems or complications after any operation. Many problems are minor but some can be life threatening. Treating them as soon as possible is important.

Last reviewed: 
27 Jan 2023
Next review due: 
27 Jan 2026