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Research and clinical trials

Research is looking into all aspects of lung cancer and aims to improve tests, treatment, and ways of coping with symptoms and side effects.

Treatment research for lung cancer

Find out about clinical trials looking at current and new treatments for lung cancer.

Research into causes

Find out about the latest UK research into the causes and risks of lung cancer.

Diagnosis and screening research

Find out about the latest UK research into improving the diagnosis and screening of lung cancer.

Research into living with lung cancer

Find out about research into helping people with lung cancer have the best quality of life.

What clinical trials are

Trials aim to find out if a new test or treatment is safe and better than those currently available.

Before you take part

Find out about what researchers should tell you before you agree to take part in a trial.

Find a clinical trial

Our clinical trials database has information about UK clinical trials for lung cancer and summaries of trial results.

Our Research

Find out how our researchers are discovering new ways to tackle lung cancer.
Last reviewed: 
16 Aug 2017

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