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Radiotherapy side effects

There are short term general side effects of radiotherapy, such as tiredness and skin reactions. You can also read about the possible short and long term side effects of radiotherapy to particular parts of the body.

General radiotherapy side effects

Radiotherapy can cause a range of side effects. Find out about the general side effects in more detail.

Brain radiotherapy side effects

Information on how radiotherapy treatment to the brain may affect you.

Head and neck radiotherapy side effects

Read about the possible side effects of having radiotherapy to your head and neck and how to manage them.

Chest radiotherapy side effects

Information about the possible side effects of radiotherapy treatment to your chest area, including sickness, swallowing problems and breathing changes.

Abdominal or pelvic radiotherapy side effects

Find out about the possible side effects you might have during or after radiotherapy to the pelvic area or tummy (abdomen).

Last reviewed: 
30 Apr 2016

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