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Nuclear medicine (radioactive liquid treatment)

Radioactive liquid treatments are used for some types of cancer. You might have them as a drink, an injection or capsules. They are also known as nuclear medicine. Find out about the different types and how you have them.

Radioactive iodine therapy

Radioactive iodine therapy is a type of internal radiotherapy treatment for thyroid cancer. Read about how it works and radiation safety. 

Radioactive strontium therapy

Radioactive strontium therapy can treat cancers that have spread to the bone, usually from the prostate. You have it as an injection. Read about possible safety precautions. 

Radioactive phosphorus therapy

Radioactive phosphorus (P-32) is a type of internal radiotherapy and is a treatment for some blood disorders, such as polycythemia vera and essential thrombocythaemia (ET). 

Radium 223 therapy (Xofigo)

Radium 223 is a type of internal radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer that has spread to the bones. Find out more about what it is, how you have it and possible side effects. 

Last reviewed: 
12 Feb 2019

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