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Internal radiotherapy

Internal radiotherapy means having radiation treatment from inside the body. It is a treatment for some types of cancer.

What is internal radiotherapy?

Internal radiotherapy gives radiation from inside the body. There are different types of internal radiotherapy treatments, such as nuclear medicine or brachytherapy. 

Internal radiotherapy safety

You need to follow some safety procedures when you have internal radiotherapy.

Brachytherapy (radioactive implant treatment)

Some types of radioactive metals can be put inside the body to treat a cancer. Some types are put in for a very short time and others are permanent.

Nuclear medicine (radioactive liquid treatment)

Radioactive liquid treatments can be given as a drink, injection or capsules. Find out about the different types.

Follow up after radiotherapy

When your radiotherapy treatment ends your treatment team will give you advice and information about your recovery.

Last reviewed: 
23 Jan 2019

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