Angela’s breast cancer story

Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer at 65 years of age in 2020. She shares her story when she’s still having treatment.

My cancer diagnosis

I was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram. I had already had bowel cancer in 2011.

When I was diagnosed

I was recalled after my first mammogram. I was shocked to find it was cancer as I hadn't felt anything. I had a biopsy and waited a week for the results. I was very anxious due to my previous bowel cancer diagnosis.

My treatment

I am now taking letrozole for 5 years and having Herceptin for a year. I am also having 5 sessions of radiotherapy. I am anxious about the treatment due to the possible side effects. I haven’t had any side effects so far. 

What helped me cope

My family and close friends are brilliant. I have a friend that has had breast cancer and she has helped me. I found the breast care nurses very helpful. The breast care nurses and oncology staff are always available for any concerns.

My thoughts and feelings

There was nothing I could’ve changed. I'm so pleased I went for my routine mammogram as I know some don't bother. I’d say always attend routine mammograms as they can save your life.

Last reviewed: 
19 Apr 2023
Next review due: 
19 Apr 2026

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