JoC’s breast cancer story

JoC is 66 and was diagnosed in 2021 with multifocal lobular breast cancer. She shares her story when she is having treatment. JoC wrote about her experience in 2021.

How I was diagnosed

I actually didn't have any idea that I had cancer. I'd been having NHS breast screening for a number of years. All of which had been normal. I received a letter as usual and made an appointment.

I had my screening at a mobile unit and waited to get my results. I received a letter about a week later asking me to attend the breast clinic. I just thought okay they need further views to clarify. At the breast clinic I had further views and ultrasound-guided biopsies. My normal breasts were beginning to raise a few doubts in my mind, but I still didn't panic as I didn't have any lumps! A week later, I returned to see the surgeon who confirmed I had two lesions of lobular cancer. This was the beginning of an emotionally draining episode in my life.

My treatment

I've had the cancer removed and a mammoplasty (reconstruction of the breast). Pain wise it was a bit uncomfortable, but I’ve had much worse. 

I'm awaiting radiotherapy and hormone suppression treatment. Chemotherapy hasn't been decided yet.

My thoughts and feelings

When I was first given the diagnosis, I didn't feel too bad. As time has gone by, I've felt quite drained by all that has gone on and by what is ahead of me. I'm quite optimistic usually, but cancer isn't just for now. It's how it will affect your life in the future. It's important to be able to laugh and tell people how you feel. Don't keep it to yourself. There's lots of us just waiting to talk and share our cancer experiences.

Cancer is a challenge, regardless of who you are or what you do. It affects every part of your life. All you can do is go with the flow. Don't stress out over little things. It will all get sorted when things are better. When you can, laugh and take time to enjoy the things you've been too busy to bother about before. If you need to talk reach out. You'll be surprised at how many well-meaning chatterboxes there are out there, ready to help. People support is a big medicine when you're feeling low.

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19 Apr 2023
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