Surgery is a possible treatment for brain and spinal cord tumours. You might have surgery to remove all or part of your tumour, or to drain a build up of fluid (hydrocephalus) on your brain. 

Surgery for brain tumours

Find out why you might have surgery and the different types of surgery.

Surgery to remove fluid in the brain

You might have surgery to drain a build up of fluid on your brain (hydrocephalus).

Preparing for brain surgery

You have an appointment at the pre assessment clinic 1 or 2 weeks before your operation. Find out what happens and the tests you might have.

What happens before brain tumour surgery

You usually go into hospital the day before, or on the day of your surgery.

After brain tumour surgery

Find out what happens immediately after and the first few days after surgery for a brain or spinal cord tumour.

Recovering from brain tumour surgery

It can take some time to recover from your brain tumour surgery. Find out about the immediate and long term problems. And what help and support is available.

Last reviewed: 
10 Apr 2019
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