Jan’s story

Jan was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2021 at the age of 72.

My Diagnosis

I was sent the screening kit. I have it done many times before. I took the test and sent it back. Unlike the other times the result that came back was not good.

About my treatment

The next month went in a total whirl. I had a colonoscopy, blood tests, fitness tests ending with an operation to remove the cancer. The operation went very well. It was keyhole surgery. I was only in hospital for four days. I am now at home. I walk most days to get fit again.

I had the news that the cancerous tissue was successfully removed. And no abnormal cells were found in the lymph nodes that were removed and tested. So no further treatment required.

My thoughts and feelings

Although, my first thought was why me? I'm not overweight. I eat a sensible diet and before lockdown exercised at my local leisure centre five times a week. I then realised these things happen.

If you get offered the home test kit please use it, don't chuck it in the bin. It takes a couple of minutes out of your day and it could save your life. I had no previous symptoms to know that something was wrong, so please use the test kit if it's offered.

Last reviewed: 
30 Apr 2021
Next review due: 
30 Apr 2024

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